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My Fandoms

I decided to make a list and sticky it so if anyone has any questions the can refer to it. I will also post the pairings and my fav characters. The reason I am doing this is I am noticing a ton of people are leaving fandoms and hopping to others. I can't seem to do that. LOL! I like 'em all. I am like a damn pokeman collector but for TV shows.

I also don't get to mad when stuff doesn't happen the way I want them too. Who cares? Ya know. But I don't knock anyones like or dislikes. Do whatever you want, I think. As long as I don't get hurt, whatevs' ;) Anyway, on with the show.

I'll start from the beginning:
(I'll apologize now for the size of some of these)

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Can someone pls remind me how to change my header and possibly point me in the direction of a image storing app that doesn't cost money so I can show pics again, that would be great....

Fuck me.
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It has been a very very very very VERY long time since I have been on here. Holy shit.

I just got a new laptop, courtesy of my brother, it is essentially a new house gift. Him, my mom, and I are moving to a band new trailer net week. Like brand new as in no one had ever lived there besides us. My favorite part of it all is the covered porch, like huge covered porch. Once I re learn how to use this place again, I'll post pictures, promise.

Other things have been uber weird and stressful. I'm 35 now, so thats weird. I am also my moms caregiver. Her liver is shot and I am pretty sure dementia and parkinsons has settled in. My sister has taken over shuttling her back and forth to her numerous appointments, while I have taken over everything that involves the house. I administer her meds and make sure she has absolutely everything she could need. All while watching for signs her levels have risen and she needs to be rushed to the hospital. Good times.

It's also a lot harder to do everything because I myself am on disability. For a large number of various things. Which makes everything I do around the house ten times harder.

I've come long way in the way I see myself. I can now look in the mirror before I get in the shower and not 100% hate the person I see. And can say, hey you are kinda beautiful. Scars, stretch marks and all, which has taken a long time, but hey I'm here. Right?

So tell me how many of peeps are still using LJ? I want to go through and lighten my friends list. I also want to eventually get a paid account back. But considering I get shit a month to live on, that might be hard. The Supernatural theme will stay, cause I am slightly obsessed, like okay, REALLY obsessed. I do need a new mood theme and re learn how to change my layout and all that fun jazz. Also as soon as I pay for a year membership I can have microsoft word and finish my god damn story. Its only been 10 years...jesus.

So for now, thats all I got. I'll make a post real quick after this one if I remember how with updated pics of me. Love you guys,
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Been a long time

Hey y'all 😍

It's been a hot minute hasn't it?

I haven't had my computer hooked up in years. For many reasons. But I finally got me a kindle. So its kinda like having computer again. I hope all my friends are still here. I've missed you guys so much 💗💗
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Life has been nothing short of crazy. Still dont have a computer. Just this little tablet which drives me nuts. But I miss you all.i think about you guys all the time.
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Long story short, some shit went down. I went down, crawled back up and through the ashes I am reborn!

Its been a long long day. But I now have this nifty new tablet with a keyboard and the livejournal  app, which by the way is weird, and going to take getting used to. But I have missed you all so much. And I hope you all realize I have not forgotten any of you or stopped thinking of you, ever.

God it is good to be back!

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So I maybe be the biggest ass ever....

I totally missed a million birthdays and birthday wishes sent to me....

*head desk*

Thank you guys, all so much. It means the world to me that you haven't forgotten me. Really.

I love all of you!

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No even cool.

I forgot how much nicer everything was when I had a paid account. Now I can't even read a fan fic, which by the way I haven't read any fan fic in about a year; because a stupid ad is in the way. Fucking super.

*sighs* And I don't get paid for two more weeks....REALLY.
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*grins sheepishly*

No I am not dead. I did not fall off the face of the earth. But yes my life became incredibly insane. I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-Y.

That whole moving in with a friend and become the nanny thing. BWAHAHAHA. Nope. Backfired harshly. I got used hard core and emotionally abused. So needless to say I left. I now live with my mom and Grandma helping my mom take care of my Grandma. Which is no cake walk. *shrugs* Its my life.

I do have a job now, I work at Taco Bell. *shrugs again* I get money, I make tacos.

When I am not insanely stupid busy I will write more, and I will be doing Question Of the Week again. So give me time my friends, give me time.

But do know this, I have missed you all so much my crazy internet family. SO MUCH.

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